Hi! I'm Asher, and I'm a science writer. Currently, you can find me writing about science as a spring intern over at The Scientist. Last summer, I spent 10 weeks at Voice of America for the AAAS Mass Media Science & Engineering Fellowship. I enjoy writing about the environment, conservation, health, animal behavior, and just about any fascinating science.

My science writing journey began as an entomology graduate student at Penn State. Although my research was fascinating—I studied interactions between crop plants, caterpillars that eat plants, and things that eat caterpillars such as parasitic wasps and "zombie viruses"—I realized I enjoyed writing about science more than doing it. After completing my PhD, I decided to trade in my lab coat for a laptop. I love this job because I get to learn new things every day and satisfy my curiosity for science, without being tied to a lab bench.

Before I moved to the United States for grad school, I got my Bachelors and Masters degrees in biological sciences at the University of Auckland in my home country of New Zealand. For my Masters research, I studied native New Zealand dung beetles.

Now, I live in Arlington, VA with my husband and three pet blue death-feigning beetles. When I'm not writing about science, I enjoy traveling, cooking, and getting outdoors to hike, climb, and camp.

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